Quarry Hunslet

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Quarry Hunslet

Post by tommo1965 » Mon Jun 10, 2024 7:10 pm

My latest project is under way a quarry Hunslet .The chassis rails and various parts had been profile cut I bought it as not stated project. When the parts and plans arrived I discovered that 3 pages were missing from the plans.The plans were designed by Stephen harrison in 2007.
There are no build instructions just drawings. My question is would anyone have built this engine from this designer. I believe that it was reduced down to O gauge not sure what original gauge was poss 7.25. If any one can help with missing drawings or any help please contact me.The missing page numbers are 8. 10. 14. Heres few pics for starters. Awaiting arrival of rivets to nails rails together. :D

cheers tommo
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