The FeckHallBahn Mamod Quarry loco.

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Nigel B
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The FeckHallBahn Mamod Quarry loco.

Post by Nigel B » Thu May 02, 2024 3:52 pm

The FeckHallBahn Mamod Quarry loco.

It’s properly run in now but because of the railways steep hills will always need to be double headed, which does work well but what I really wanted was a live steamer that could trundle around without any input from me. The Quarry is not that loco. I’ve decided to get a Regner, either a Vincent or a Chaloner.

Where would be the best place to sell the Mamod? I’m looking for £750 + insured postage & packaging

The Taming of Gerhilde - manual control live steam Mamod Quarry Loco
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