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Re: Peckforton Light Railway - Video Library

Post by Andrew » Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:24 am

Good morning!

You create videos faster than I can watch them Rik, but I treated myself to a catch-up over the weekend - and what a treat it was!

I really enjoy your "day in the life" kind of films. It's occurred to me that I watch them in the same way that I do murder mysteries on the telly - I don't really follow the plot (whether it's complex motives for bumping off the vicar or the late-running of the mixed goods to Peckforton), just enjoy the process and soak in the atmosphere - and you've got tons of that going on. I notice something new every time, but with these films I was particularly taken with how you've got the approaches to stations just right, the way grotty huts and overgrown sidings with the odd wagon gradually "solidify" into platforms, whole rakes of wagons, station buildings etc.

I really like the commentary too - I think I've said it before, but there's something comfortingly Oliver Postgate-esque about your narration!

The live steam made a nice change, nice to see DVLR motive power out and about too. With your GE leanings, are you ever tempted to stick a Wisbech-style tram body over that Regner Chaloner?

Thanks for the film fun,


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Re: Peckforton Light Railway - Video Library

Post by ge_rik » Mon Sep 13, 2021 6:02 pm

Thanks Andrew. Good to get such constructive and useful feedback.

I'd not thought of modifying the Chaloner, other than maybe adding cladding to the boiler and radio control. The issue for me is that the loco is a tad over scale. Probably more suited to 7/8 scale than 16mm or even 15mm. I suppose they needed to increase the dimensions to enable it to create sufficient steam. I suppose disguising it as a tram loco could overcome its scale issues.

However, I do quite enjoy seeing it pottering about and it's a bit more controllable than most live steamers owing to its geared mechanism.

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Re: Peckforton Light Railway - Video Library

Post by Mr. Bond of the DVLR » Mon Sep 20, 2021 2:17 pm

Old Man Aaron wrote:
Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:38 am
Zach, I noticed your momentum van wasn't behind River Butley, but it seemed to handle the line well?
Yes indeed - I was all prepared for it to end in disaster - I allowed rather more speed on the straights than I'd have liked to get it round the bends but the loco performed really very well indeed without the flywheel, I was surprised.That said, River Butley has a short wheel base and the upgraded cylinders so tends to just plod away. I suppose the only loco I wouldn't run without it at all is the Millie, River Deben, with it's long wheel base and tendency to stop and build up a head of steam and then sprint away.
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