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Replacement vat for Anycubic Photon

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2023 12:39 pm
by ge_rik
My Anycubic Photon started playing up and I worked out it was time to replace the film on its base. I duly sent off for some film and when it arrived followed the various YouTube videos showing how to prepare the film. However, I discovered that the film frame on my Photon can't be taken apart - it's disposable. I tracked down some replacement frames but at over £20 for two, it seemed a bit of a rip off. I tried to track down a new frame which could be taken apart to insert replacement film, but they seemed few and far between and I wasn't sure if the would fit my vat.

In the end I tracked down two aluminium vats with the right sort of frames for £36 - which seemed like much better value. Although marketed by Elegoo for their Mars printer, I can vouch for the fact they are compatible with the Photon