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Post by FWLR » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:20 am

Read a thread about some one doing things with electronics that are way beyond most of us who find it hard to understand how too wire up a plug :lol: :lol:

Seriously, most things about writing programs for things to run or not in my case, are way beyond me, I have only just got round to figuring out how to “Bond” a Rx in my own Tx, and that’s with the help of the excellent videos that ge-rik has on is Blog.

There was mention about how it would bring people to meet and again it was mentioned how will they meet when everything is done on the internet! Well I agree, how would that make our hobby accessible to more people, when most can just about run a loco with a Tx.

I agree there is a need for more younger people into the hobby, but do we really need to go down the electronic route. I do like to see things progress, but likewise I do want to see things not so complicated, that many would give up. Not all young people know about electronics, just like many don’t know how to make things with their hands, so things like scratch built locos, wagons, building and such like would be a thing of the past, very much like the Steam Railway way of life, that’s way most of us try to keep it alive today.

Keep on using electronics to by all means to help in our running of R/C and hopefully make it cheaper and better for us to run our trains and get more youngsters into the hobby, my own Grandkids love running their little locos I have given them, although only one at the moment has full control of his or her loco, thats way I am going to upgrade them to having their own Tx.

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