Australian Log Bogies - Part 2

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Australian Log Bogies - Part 2

Post by GTB » Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:23 pm

This is a follow on from an old post.

I recently started a new batch of these bogies and this time remembered to take photos of how I build the sawn timber loads.

Although not obvious from the outside, they are built hollow, which saves weight and also reduces the amount of timber that needs cutting. Ripping clear pine boards down to scale sizes makes a lot of sawdust, even using the little Proxxon bench saw with a blade that leaves a 1mm kerf.

The first photo shows a load being built, using one from the first batch for reference. The load is glued together with PVA woodworking glue, so has to be clamped to keep things together until the glue sets. It takes several days to assemble a load, as a lot of time is spent waiting for glue to dry. The little brass sash clamps are Japanese made and very useful for this sort of thing, but I've only got enough for two loads at a time.

The process should be obvious, with a layer of full length pieces forming the top and bottom of the pile, with short lengths being used to fill in the ends, leaving most of the interior open. A final level of full lengths forms the top of the load and closes it up.


The last pic shows the workbench. Small bench saw to the left, , with glue, block plane, sanding block and sawn strips of wood stacked up ready to use. It always takes more wood than you think, which is why the little saw is still on the bench.......... The larger saw just visible on the floor under the bench is used to rough down the original pine boards into smaller strips that the little saw can handle for the final cuts. I used to use the bandsaw visible in the background, but that leaves a very rough cut that needed more work on the small saw to clean up for model making.



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Re: Australian Log Bogies - Part 2

Post by ge_rik » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:03 pm

Very nicely done, Graeme. Will have to produce something similar myself as output from the sawmill. I'll have to use bought stripwood, though, which may look a bit too regular. Thanks for the idea.

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Re: Australian Log Bogies - Part 2

Post by FWLR » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:55 am

Great thread Graeme, like the way you have the ends all at different lengths…my Dad when he loaded his flatbed lorry with floorboards from building he had demolished, looked exactly the same, also the same with the joist’s and any other wood he loaded. :thumbright:

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