Runners/Match Truck

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Runners/Match Truck

Post by markoteal » Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:55 pm

While at the Peterborough Show this year, I seem to get into the mood for acquiring a runner/match/shunters wagon - with my soon to be completed (ok its taking a while - I'm waiting for RC bits to arrive to finish it) Quarry Hunslet due on the line, I wanted to get a little wagon to run around with it - I also need a 'barrier' wagon to couple some high and low coupling wagons together - I couldn't decide between a Sharples or Harecroft versions - so I bought both.

Both build together very easily and with a bit of pain and rust effect, both are up and running ( sorry, no pun intended).

Still to decide which will partner the Hunslet and which will do the barrier'ing - will have to wait for the Hunslet to be finished!

Phil Sharples version below:-
And here is the Harecroft version - its actually their Oxford Circus WW1 wagon without the shell holder - another post WW1 acquisition the the CHLR demonstrating the Yorkshire heritage of the owner - make dooo and mend!
Where did I put that uncoupler?

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Re: Runners/Match Truck

Post by tom_tom_go » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:26 pm

I like a wagon with spoked wheels, it adds interest when running.

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