Ffestiniog Carriages

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Ffestiniog Carriages

Post by Ardglen » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:15 am

Hi all,
I am getting back into the hobby after a break of several years and want to base my railway on the Ffestiniog Railway (Roundhouse's recent announcement may have helped my choice ;)).
One thing I have noticed is that during my absence a number of manufacturers / kits of Ffestiniog carriages are no longer produced.
Can someone please advise what carriages/wagons are still available, I am modelling in 32mm.
Thanks & regards

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Re: Ffestiniog Carriages

Post by angr607 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:07 pm

There are 3 people off the top of my head who can cover you coaches wise. Wagons I can't advise on.

Bowaters Models has a popular range of 10 (soon to be 15) Modern FR coaches which would be perfect for the Roundhouse loco (DLG being the youngest of the fleet (for now)). They also have announced a range of 5 heritage coaches due next year. Excellent coaches and very good value for money (but I'm biased so......)

IP Engineering has mostly the smaller stock covered with a range of Bug Boxes and other smaller coaches. Again, excellent models and well worth the money.

Lineside Hut does a range of more vintage coaches which again, I believe are due to arrive soon. Only company here I haven't either bought from or own it myself so can't comment but I've only ever heard good things about them! http://www.thelinesidehut.co.uk/ffestiniog-coaches.html

Images from respective company websites.

Hope that helps!

Bowaters Models:- http://www.bowatersmodels.co.uk

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Re: Ffestiniog Carriages

Post by JMORG » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:58 am

Hi Andrew,
I have/am making kits from all 3 makes and they are very straight forward to make. IP also do NWNGR/WHR carriages as well. If you want quality try Perfect World and Brandbright as well.



By the way, not saying that the other 3 manufacturers are low quality, just pointing out that Perfect World uses only Teak construction and Brandbright is so fine that every single internal detail is modeled. And no, not just saying that because Jon (Bowaters) is on the thread.
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