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A tired Regner Stainz joins my electric one

Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2022 10:54 pm
by artfull dodger
As part of an engine swap with a gentleman, I ended up with a very tired Regner Stainz. It was his first engine and ran many miles on a ground level railway with little to no cleaning of the motion work. So the oil got gummy and filled with grit, which has wore out the eccentric straps and the side rods. The rods are ok for a little while longer, but the eccentrics are so bad that he will barely run forward and will not in reverse due to all the lost motion from the slop in the straps and eccentric cams on the driven axle. I am awaiting Regner to let me know prices on replacement parts(if they have them). If not, I am not quite sure what I will do, the cams also keep the eccentric straps in place with a thin lip, so if I add a bushing to the eccentric straps, I am not sure they would stay in place and soldering the bushings in place is beyond my skills. Bushing the rods is no problem, done that before with some brass tubing. Hopefully Regner will have spares for these high wear items. AD