Electric Points FeckHallBahn Style!

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Nigel B
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Electric Points FeckHallBahn Style!

Post by Nigel B » Wed Aug 23, 2023 12:26 pm

Behind the scenes 3 - changing points at Hornundtrompetebahnhof.

Showing my spaghetti nest of wiring in the context box; don’t judge me! I’m going to have to redo the lot one day and I’m NOT looking forward to it!

The 4 electric motor points use LGB motors treated as if they were solenoids. Power is 18v DC from a water feature pump supply; transformed from 250v AC.

What I’ve filmed here is changing the failed DPDT toggle switch that operates two pairs of points at the station end of the loop; 1a and 1b. I finally found a supplier of marine DPDT toggles that will, hopefully, withstand the weather better than the previous automotive ones. I’ve also made a fake castle keep (Dunelm square planter) as a cover.

I also took the opportunity, while everything was in bits, to make points 2 & 3 at the other end of the loop coacting. There are still two ‘levers’ but each one operates both points. No real need for this but I didn’t like having a situation where a train on one line could T-bone one on the other. I think this is called side protection by the experts. I’d love to have a fully functional interlocking frame but that’s well beyond my capabilities and budget!!

Behind the scenes 3 - changing points at Hornundtrompetebahnhof

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