The Reading and Squamish Light Railway Stock Thread

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Re: The Reading and Squamish Light Railway Stock Thread

Post by Old Man Aaron » Thu Dec 31, 2020 2:11 am

G**damn we have it easy with today's RH kits. But you're taking this one all in stride, hat's off to you. That Duplicolor eng. enamel is good stuff, I use it on my locos and Mamod stationaries too.
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Re: The Reading and Squamish Light Railway Stock Thread

Post by big-ted » Tue Jan 05, 2021 9:05 pm

Overdue update on account of temporarily killing my laptop over the holidays... :oops:

I decided to bite the bullet and get to soldering the bodywork. The cab and side tanks were basically the same as my Lady Anne, so no surprises there. The smokebox and saddle tanks took some creative setups to clamp everything in place whilst I soldered everything, but it wasn't too difficult:
Roundhouse don't have the instructions for these older models anymore, but I'm muddling through. It looks to me like the rear lamp brackets are intended to be fixed on using these 'rivets.' The only way I can think of fixing these is by hitting the shaft of the rivet from the backside in order to round it over though?

The other mystery is what I believe is the battery box. I think it goes on the underside of the cab roof as on my Lady Anne, but it's a very different shape, and I'm not sure how it accommodates the likely 4 AAA batteries...?
I did have the realisation that, in with all the screws are what I thought were 2 1" 6BA hex head screws. In fact, these are two lengths of 6BA threaded rod with nuts on the end. I guess either Roundhouse's or the previous owner's intention was that these each be cut in two 1/2" lengths for mounting of the cylinders. However, the limited space between the frames makes me a bit nervous about this approach as there isn't room to get pliers or other tools in there should I need to extract something, so I'm inclined to be patient and wait for the right screws. BA screws have been procured and should be with me in a couple of weeks. Might tackle some painting in the meantime...

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