Early CIE Green

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Early CIE Green

Post by IrishPeter » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:28 pm

Just want to cross reference with other folks around here about the dark Green used by CIE 1945-55. To my eye it is Brunswick Green without much obvious yellow tint to it. The 4mm guys say it is pretty close to Humbrol's version of that colour (which, of course, I cannot easily obtain in Virginia, but I know a good approximation) when new - I think they used to be their number 3. The 40 shades of (dark) green was down to the fact that CIE liked its carriages to breath fresh air and had little in the way of covered storage, or cash for repaints. It tended to go flatter and bluer in colour with age before it started to fade. The CIE buses which were painted in the same livery always seemed to look pretty much identical in colour as they tended to get a lot more attention, which, from my point of view, gives the lie to the old story that Inchicore got its paint from Woolies!

I can't make sense of the late 1950s green. It looks very similar to the Ailsa Era green that IMR No. 10 G. H. Wood was carrying a few years ago, Closer to that than to LNER Apple Green anyway. Again, the colour was pretty consistent when coming out of Inchicore, but the Irish weather again got its opportunity to work its magic, so it ended up adding another 40 shade of green to the palate.

Given that CIE did not worry much about lining or snails when it came to narrow gauge stock I am not going to worry about eau de Nil too much. It always looks to be a very pale green with a hint of blue to me when on the dark green carriages, but on the mid-green livery it looks more a very pale green with a hint of yellow but I am assured that it was the same green, so it must be a trick of the camera/the colour it is placed next to!

Comments appreciated!

Peter in AZ
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Re: Early CIE Green

Post by IanC » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:00 pm

Colours are a minefield Peter. One bus company I know of officially painted it's buses red and white. However everyone thought they were red and cream. It turned out they were using varnish which was giving the white a yellowish hue hence the perception of the white being cream.

Hue can change with the light, surface area undercoat and whether there is anything to break up colour areas such as lining. Most old paints also used to fade or change colour.

Then there is the issue of old colour pictures! The colours in these also change over time. Even assuming they were accurate in the first instance. The emulsion used in negatives and slides in film days didn't register colours as the eye saw them in a lot of cases and deteriorates over time.

I have just painted a BR class 25 diesel in blue. To my eyes it is too dark, despite the fact the paint was made to the original spec!

I would go with whatever you think best.

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