Printing in ABS

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Trevor Thompson
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Printing in ABS

Post by Trevor Thompson » Sun Aug 14, 2022 1:57 pm

I know that few modellers print in ABS - but in case it is of interest to anyone:

I have always had priblems with distortion when printing tall objects. For example this section of wall frame for Tan-y Grisiau station building:
Can you see the way the corners have lifted. As the object gets taler the material extruded shrinks and causes the model to curl, lifting the corners off the bed.

I have found what I think is a solution. On my slicing software there is an option to compensate in different axes:
Screenshot 2022-08-14 at 13.51.03.png
The above screenshot shows the alterations to the settings that I have made. As default the compensation facility was turned off. Your software may use different words but this might be a guide.

The result is:
This print has almost finished and there is no sign of it lifting or distorting. Probably the best result I have ever achieved.


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Re: Printing in ABS

Post by philipy » Sun Aug 14, 2022 3:57 pm

Interesting Trevor, thanks.
I rarely use ABS but a couple of months ago I had to use it for a job for somebody, creating long, thin, pcb 'standoffs' - 75x8x5.5mm with threaded holes in both ends and a couple of transverse ones. I had problems with elephants foot and also lifting at one end, which looked similar to yours although obviously on a much smaller scale.
The elephants foot I solved by simply curving the bottom part of the sides inwards slightly to allow for the spread.
The lifting was eventually resolved by reorientating the part on the bed and printing it at 90deg to the original. It wasn't simply a bed adhesion issue, it only became apparent when the print was about half way up and I'm sure it was to do with bed temperature, extrusion temp and I did also wonder if my printer enclosure might be too good and was trapping too much heat!

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